Threshold Morphologies, 2010

Produced at the Experimental Television Center, these works utilize analog synthesis techniques to navigate the perceptual border zones of the video signal through oscillation, interference and feedback.

Leibniz Conflation
2 video cameras, 2 DVD players, Jones Sequencer, Jones 5v System, Shure SM57, Text recitation:

Time is the order of existence of those things which are not simultaneous. Thus it is the universal order of changes, when the specific kind of change is not taken into account.
Duration is the magnitude of time. If the magnitude of time is uniformly and continuously diminished, time disappears into a Moment, whose magnitude is zero.
Space is the order of coexistents, or the order of existence among things which are simultaneous.
- Leibniz, Gottfried. The Metaphysical Foundations of Mathematics, [ca. 1715]

Facial Displacement
3 video cameras, Ross Switcher, Crosspoint Latch Switcher, Jones Colorizer, Jones 5v oscillators, Doepfer Frequency Shifter, Doepfer Vocoder, Doepfer LDR, Shure SM57 + exhaust fan, audio feedback, video signal to audio system.

Mercury Bath
Video camera, Sandin Image Processor, Jones 5v oscillator, Ross Switcher, Shure SM57 + exhaust fan, video signal to audio system.

Jones 5v System, Jones Colorizer.

Jones 5v System, Sandin Image Processor, Jones Colorizer, Ross Switcher, Crosspoint Latch Switcher, Doepfer Clock Divider, video signal to audio system.