Strobe Piece, 2016

Performed at Sustain-Release festival on 09/17/16, this piece employs two DMX controlled strobe lights and a two channel sound system driven by electromagnetic pickups attached to the strobes to create synchronous blasts of light and noise. An earlier version with skin contact points as audio switches was performed at Nitemind's Flatland on 4/20/16 and at Unsound New York on 06/17/16. 2017 performances at Nothing Changes/Childhood Industries and Bossa Nova Civic Club's Tunnel Vision added a motorized moving head light as a third source of light and sound, and used MIDI sequencing of the fixtures for complex rhythms. A continuous standalone MIDI-controlled version of the dual strobe piece was installed as part of the 2018 MUTEK SF festival.

photo: ig @kristenfelicetti

video: Akanksha Chauhan

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