Feedback Network for Drum Machine, Synthesizer and Trigger-to-MIDI Converter, 2010
Greg Zifcak / Joseph Rosenzweig

This piece utilizes a Roland TR-909 drum machine, Yamaha DX11 synthesizer, and Yamaha TMX drum trigger to MIDI converter to realize a network consisting of multiple feedback paths between MIDI and audio ports. MIDI notes are dispersed through the feedback network at rates limited by the processing speed of the devices, and the resulting audio events trigger other audio events and are converted to MIDI notes fed back into the system.

Performance of the piece involves manual patching of MIDI and audio signals to alter feedback paths, adjustment of audio feedback levels, and adjustment of local instrument controls (volume, soundbank, etc). The interruption of feedback paths causes hung MIDI notes, silence, and pauses throughout the piece, while the adjustment of trigger sensitivity thresholds and trigger-designated audio levels result in changes in density. These actions that determine the structure of the piece are coordinated over its duration according to agreed-upon cues for stasis and relative activity. Each performer relinquishes more granular control to the complex behaviors of the network. The complexity of the network depends in part on the degree of independence with which data is input at the network's various nodes.

Studio Recording, Center for Contemporary Music, May 3rd, 2010
Live Recording, Littlefield Concert Hall, May 5th, 2010